National Suicide Prevention Resources

Although not all encompassing, here are some national suicide prevention resources we trust.  If you have additional suggestions you think we should share, please let us know by emailing us at

1.   American Association for Suicidology (AAS)
      A non-profit organization dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)
      Dedicated to advancing our knowledge of suicide and our ability to prevent it.

The Jason Foundation
      An organization dedicated to teen suicide and prevention.

The Jed Foundation
      A non-profit organization public charity committed to reducing the young adult suicide rate and improving mental health support provided to college students

5.   Life Savers Training
      A peer-support crisis prevention program aimed at training young adults to be caring listeners in their interactions with their peers.  It involves a team approach to
      helping teenagers cope healthfully with the challenges of drugs and alcohol, peer & family relationships, sexual issues, violence, academic problems, death &
      grieving, agression, anxiety, and suicide.

The Link's National Resource Center for Suicide Prevention
       Programs of The Link include counseling and psychotherapy, children in crisis & grief, suicide prevention & aftercare, community education, training, and
7.   Living Works Education
      Dedicated to enhancing suicide intervention skills at the community level through training products such as ASIST, suicideTALK, safeTalk, and suicideCARE.

8.   National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)
      A branch of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, working to reduce morbidity, disability, mortality, and costs associated with injuries.

9.   National Center for Suicide Prevention Training (NCSPT)
      Provides educational resources to help public officials, service providers, and community-based coalitions develop effective suicide prevention programs and

10. National Organization for People of Color Against Suicide (NOPCAS)
      A non-profit organization whose goals are to bring suicide and depression awareness to minority communities.