The Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalilition

The Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition (LCSPC) is a comprised group of counselors, social workers,   teachers, social service agencies, faith-based partners, businesses, and citizens united in addressing the various issues of suicide througout Northwest Ohio.  Raising awareness, providing trainings, educating schools, and general prevention methods are all services the LCSPC focus to accomplish.

The single most important services your LCSPC provides is the raising of community mental health knowledge in order to reduce the stigma associated with depression.  Depression, like cancer or other diseases, is treatable.  Suicide can strike almost anyone during the course of their life.  Suicide comes about when people are in intensely painful emotional states.  Those persons lose hope and see no resolution to their difficulties.  In the U.S., a suicide occurs every 13.7 minutes.

LCSPC Executive Board:

  1. Beverly Bahret, Mercy College of Ohio 
  2. Danielle Cisterino, ProMedica 
  3. Robin Isenberg, NAMI 
  4. Cindy Zientek, ProMedica
  5. Anita Martinez-Folger, NAMI
  6. Sydney Antonio, LCSPC Coordinator